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WINTERSUN®Thermal Feelings fiber
Thermal fibers are a nano multi-functional yarn made from various nano-grade natural thermostat, super absorbent polymers, UV resistant, nano metallic antimicrobial particles and special heating mater
IceKafe fibers use two main selected components "Coffee" and "Mica". adding a variety of special chemical materials, and then using Polyester, Nylon or Viscose as carriers to be sp
Micax®Cooling Fiber
Mica flakes are completely colorless and transparent, its melting point is 1300℃,so at the high temperature of 550℃ its physical properties are completely unchanged...
Gemans®Germanium Alloy Yarn
Germanium alloy has always been a popular health product in Japan, with functions such as negative ions, far infrared light, promote blood circulation, etc., and has already been extensively used to m
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