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Professional supplier of high-tech, multi-functional and environmental fibers and yarns
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Shanghai Nantec Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai in 2006 by Taiwan Nanliang Group. Based on textile technology of Taiwan and platform of the Mainland, the company specializes in offering various types of high-tech compound functional filaments, short fibers and yarns (pure and blended) and in developing various functional doubled yarns, elastic covered yarns, and imitation cotton yarns with registered trademark and patent certificate and are highly preferred by domestic and international well-known brands.

Diversified products: Micax cool fiber, WINTERSUN thermal fiber, NanoBon white bamboo charcoal fiber, grey bamboo charcoal fiber, KAFETEX coffee charcoal fiber, ICEKAFE cool coffee charcoal fiber, COCOTEX coconut charcoal fiber, Gemans Gemans alloy germanium fiber, and NOBITEX anti-mosquito fiber.

Abundant functions: cool, thermal storage and thermal insulation, moisture absorption and sweat releasing, fast dry, deodorization, UV protection, far infrared, anion, promote blood circulation, and etc.

Wide range of application: knitting, weaving and warp knitting. Sports products: sports wear, shoes, socks, protective clothing. Home textiles: four-piece suit, cushion, curtain, towel, bathrobe, and etc. Apparel textiles: underwear, silk stockings, warm pants, and etc. Industrial textiles: car decorated fabrics.

We can offer the latest functional fibers, yarns and technical supports. We can help our partners to develop the marketable cutting-edge textile products.

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