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Product Introduction

IceKafe fibers use two main selected components "Coffee" and "Mica". adding a variety of special chemical materials, and then using Polyester, Nylon or Viscose as carriers to be spun into fibers using special processes.

Product Theory

1. We develop coffee fiber and coffee filament with composite construction. The composite construction makes coffee of coffee residue mixed inside fiber and filament. The coffee fiber and filament has the functions of anti-odor and moisture wicking.
2. Mica has a layered structure, is transparent and colorless, and has a melting point of 1300℃, so at the high temperature of 550℃ its physical properties are completely unchanged. Heat conduction rate W/m℃ of mica is I.4 (at 20℃), almost 5 times that of normal Polyester (0.3), so it is an optimal thermal conductive material, with excellent cooling/ heat transfer properties.
3. The nano mica' s surface is electrically charged, hydration is very high, has excellent water absorption effect so that it can promote cooling effect.
4. Mica has a double effect of high thermal conduction and water absorption, making nano mica an optimal new generation cooling material.
5. After combining coffee and mica, using a base of Polyester, Nlylon or Viscose, the fiber thus obtained is a multifunctional material.


IceKafer® will become the best fiber material for all season textile and clothing products in the future.

Multi Functions


1. Suitable for knitted and woven fabrics.
2. Can be used as material for socks, undergarments, home textiles, men and women ready - to-wear, suits, pants, sportswear, casual wear, and other high quality textile products.

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