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Development Origin:

In recent years in the international community, due to Dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria, encephalitis...caused by the death of widely rumors, and even this year particularly concerned about the "card card virus", caused by human injury countless. Driven by the market and therefore seeking anti-mosquito effect of the textiles. Early through the finishing process to achieve anti-mosquito effect, but after the effect of washing will be slightly reduced, so the development of their own resistance to washing effect of anti-mosquito function yarn.

The reason why humans attract mosquitoes:

Female mosquitoes need to suck blood to spawning, raising eggs, while the human respiratory system, the resulting carbon dioxide and lactic acid... and other body surface volatiles can help mosquitoes find us, mosquitoes are very sensitive to the surface of the body volatiles, it can From 30 meters away directly to the vampire object.

NOBITEX role principle:

Will contain insect repellent effect of NOBITEX, and then add the process of spinning, and then made a good fiber made of fabric, the body after wearing NOBITEX through the effective play in the skin around the formation of stealth barrier, the barrier interferes with the mosquito antenna chemical induction The sensation of the volatiles on the surface of the human body. So that people avoid mosquito bites.

NOBITEX compared with commercially available mosquito solution:

Experiments show that NOBITEX made of fabric, its resistance to washing and friction than other commercially available anti-mosquito liquid.

In the case of washing, NOBITE nano-raw materials still have the effect of repelling mosquitoes. NOBITEX made of the fabric after a lot of friction, the mosquitoes are still repellent. And other commercially available anti-mosquito liquid after the friction, the loss of repellent effect.

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