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NanoBon®White Bamboo-charcoal Fiber
Product Introduction

NANOBON® white charcoal polyester fibers are made of bamboocharcoal from traditional high temperature carbonation burning technique, and ground into powder using nanotechnology; then, using nanotechnology coverage, the charcoal powder' s surface is covered with a layer of white catalyst, and mixed into the polyester mixture, which is then spun into high quality white new fibers.

The function of white charcoal polyester fibers is similar to that of grey charcoal fibers, but the white fibers can be dyed into any light or bright colors, solving the color limitation problems of grey charcoal fibers.

Currently our company is improving our technology and we have developed white charcoal fibers that use viscous carriers to allow our clients to change fabric texture according to their needs and have a more diverse selection! White charcoal viscous fibers have the same functions as white charcoal polyester fibers.


Product Features

1. Negative ions function

White charcoal can release negative ions in the air, and through contact and friction between the human body and the fabric, it can generate oxygen ion with negative charge, making the users feel like they were in a forest, very comfortable and full of energy.

2. Deodorizing function

White charcoal is a porous material, with a surface area that can reach 300 to 500 m2 per gram; this large area is the reason why white charcoal can regulate humidity and purify water and air. White charcoal also possesses great absorbing capacity, can rapidly eliminate foul odors in the air (ammonia, acetic acid, etc.), so its deodorizing capability is very good.

3. Far infrared function

White charcoal, because of its compact structure, high porosity and rich carbon contents, and of its excellent far infrared rays and negative ion releasing capabilities can promote blood circulation, and also possesses outstanding heat retaining effects.

4. High water absorbency

White charcoal's structure has excellent absorption capacity, especially for water and humidity. As white charcoal polyester fibers have water absorbency and wicking functions, the fabric feel soft and comfortable to the touch.

Quality Index




Linear density



Weight deviation



Single yarn breaking strength



Single yarn variation coefficient



Single yarn breaking strength



Coefficient of variation of weight



Coefficient of variation of evenness



Note: this table is only for reference data


●  Sportswear, such as sweatshirts (pants),sports shoes, socks, protective gears, etc.
●  Home textiles, such as mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, quilts, cushions, curtains, decorative fabrics, towels, bath robes, etc.
●  Garments, such as baby wear, underwear, etc.

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